Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm not myself these days.

Updated: I took Ross' picture down, but you can still see the comparison below.

A beloved co-worker is moving on this week and I am wrecked. WRECKED! Also, that's him where I used to be. His pose is meant to be an accurate representation of this:

Uh, yeah right. He looks far more Herbal Essences hairgasm commercial than I do. Anyway, bye Ross! Hope you and your wife move to Oakland! C'mon it's far less unsafe than people make it out to be. It's only a little questionable in parts of East Oakland. And obviously, parts of West Oakland. And North Oakland. And, well, there really isn't a South Oakland. But there is a Central Oakland! We'll hang out! Hugs!


ross said...

Remember that time I thought you were getting a divorce, but you were just having accountant problems?

I miss you already.

YZA said...

no, ross. forget the east bay. come to our side. we'll love you more. also, don't forget photo credits.

Lucie said...

Yes, move to the city! The city loves you, the city wants you, the city needs you!

Nightcrush said...

You're not going to any damn peninsula. I'll slash your tires.