Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I will not be controlled.

In a concession to my advancing age, and, more specifically, my back, I finally broke down recently and bought a backpack. I do a lot of walking to and from various forms of public transportation for my epic daily commute (East Bay represent! Sigh...)and carrying my gym bag, laptop and handbag was actually causing me medical issues. I didn't need anything fancy, just "big."

Maybe it's a testament to how impatient I get with Amazon, and how little attention I really pay to anything that isn't a picture, but the bag I ended up with is so beyond a "backpack" and so overdesigned, that I'm not really sure what I was thinking. The fucking thing is trying to micromanage the contents of my entire fucking life! There are 23 pockets and they are LABELED—you know, so I don't put the cell phone where the PDA is supposed to go, God forbid. It kind of reminds me of Derrick when we're packing the car: "Hm, are you sure you want to put that there?"

Here are the compartments on my bag:
Front mesh pocket for bike helmet (presumptuous much, backpack? I don't HAVE one.)
iPod pocket
iPod cord pocket
PDA pocket (um, how about you hold my meds instead!)
PDA charger pocket
cell phone pocket
cell phone charger pocket
mouse pocket
5 pen holders
key holder
cd case
ANOTHER cd case
headphones pouch
laptop adapter airport pouch
USB port cord holder
phone port cord holder
spare battery holder
laptop pouch

And those are just the ones that have the helpful icons. The rest are presumably meant to just be ritualistically opened and closed however many times a day your OCD calls for.

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