Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Have head shot. Will starve for $$$$$$$.

I don't understand why it's considered some big mystery how movie stars and celebrities stay so thin. "It must be genetic." "It must be Atkins." "They must have a good trainer." Jesus, it's just money. The reason those starlets manage to teeter on the brink of starvation without finally freaking out and gaining it all back like the rest of us is because when THEY get absurdly skinny, they have a better chance of landing a $15 million role in a movie. If I were to get absurdly skinny, on the other hand, the most I'd get out of the deal is a bunch of people at work whispering that I had an eating disorder and my husband saying, "Huh, you look different. Did you change your hair?" But no $15 million. So there it is. The stakes are higher. That's all. Oh, and also, probably cocaine.

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