Monday, July 9, 2007

The Monday of my self-destruction.

So far this morning, I've dropped one of those heavy plastic floor mats with the teeth on one side on my (bare) foot, scalded my hand on an espresso steamer that decided to disassemble itself/explode mid-steam, tripped over aforementioned floor mat and spilled coffee everywhere, and dropped a glass of water. Also, it is "Staff iPod Day" at work, and someone's playing rap rock and pop metal over the office sound system. I keep scanning the office for the 18-year-old angry, white frat boy who's clearly responsible, but I can't seem to locate such a person. So, I've cocooned myself in the "Brainstorming Room" where no one can see me grind my teeth and mumble to myself. Lo, it is Monday and not quite 10 A.M.

1 comment:

YZA said...

brainstorming room? you mean the taking-a-nap room? my ipod day will be all rap-rock. get ready for limp bizkit