Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who is the Cupcake Tagger?

I first noticed a cupcake tag in my neighborhood several months back. But now they are seemingly everywhere, especially downtown Oakland and around the Laney College campus. Notice that some cupcakes have sprinkles and some don't. Perhaps the ones without sprinkles are actually muffins. Perhaps there is more than one Cupcake Tagger. Perhaps there are are rival Cupcake Gangs. Christ, I hope so.

Grand Avenue, near the theater:

Downtown Oakland, maybe 14th?

41st and Telegraph:

Laney College, which is practically covered in cupcakes (mmmmm)and points to the probability of the Cupcake Tagger being a college student. Notice there is only half a cupcake. "Share," says the Cupcake Tagger.

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