Monday, March 10, 2008

My undignified breakfast.

I was in LA with Derrick this weekend, visiting my sister, her boyfriend, and my parents who were in from Milwaukee. On Saturday we went out to brunch and OMGOMGOMG we were seated next to Jason Lee and Giovanni Ribisi. They were with a large group that included their wives and their approximately 35 children, one of whom was wearing a gorilla suit and a leprechaun hat.

Steph pointed them out to me and we did the thing that people do which is pretend you don't notice. And actually, no one else in our group HAD noticed until Mom took out her camera and tried to take photos of me and Derrick. The waitresses totally freaked out and almost confiscated her camera. "Please don't take pictures of the celebrities." So then we had to explain to Mom and Dad who Jason Lee and Giovanni Ribisi were. Let me preface this by saying I love my parents. And yet:

Mom: What celebrities?
Steph: Jason Lee and Giovanni Ribisi are sitting behind Joss and Derrick.
Mom: Who's Jason Lee?
Steph: He's on My Name is Earl. On TV.
Mom: What's My Name is Earl?
Steph: It's a show.
Mom: (extremely loud whisper to Dad) There's a famous actor over there.
Dad: WHO??
Mom: An actor. Who does he play?
Steph: Earl.
Dad: WHO???
Mom: He plays a man on a show. Steph, who did you say was the other one was?
Steph: Giovanni Ribisi.
Mom: what's he in?
Steph: I don't know. This conversation is making me so uncomfortable that I can't think of anything.
Dad: WHO'S EARL?????
Mom: (extremely loud whisper to me) Did you know there's a famous actor behind you?

And so on. By this time, all the people sitting around us who had been studiously avoiding staring at Jason Lee's table are now staring at us instead. And I am staring at Jason Lee's wife's ass BECAUSE I've been trying to figure out if she is wearing the same Anthropologie dress that I own and I have reached the conclusion that, yes, it's the same dress, but mine reaches my knees and she has hemmed hers to barely cover her ass. As I'm squinting, the waitress catches my eye and glares at me.

(Psst, Jason Lee looks exactly like he does on the show his wife's super hot his kids are cute Giovanni Ribisi was wearing a hat the end.)

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Ang said...

It was like a Scientology extravaganza.