Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not surprising, but still annoying.

The first line from the Daily Candy email I received today:

"War, the climate crisis, adult acne. It’s all so depressing until you get to BellJar, an enchanting new boutique in the Mission dedicated to gorgeous little things."

Wow, what a great set-up for an email about overpriced shit! I'm sure they didn't mean to offer up senseless consumerism as a salve for the horrors of war and our impending self-annihilation. They're just sort of dippy over there. It's sort of pointless to call them out for it, really.

Actually, this email kind of reminds me of the billboard I saw in LA this weekend—I think it was for the LA Philharmonic, but I'm not sure—and it said "Violins, not violence." Um. Yeah. And while we're at it: Flowers, sunshine, puppy dogs and rainbows.

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