Friday, November 23, 2007

I am getting a tattoo.

I've always had major tattoo lust but abstained for the usual reasons, like "What if I don't like it when I'm older" and "it just seems so permanent." I do have a tattoo on the small of my back that I got in college—what's now referred to as a "tramp stamp." I don't regret this tattoo one bit, but neither do I ever really get to look at it. A few months ago, I gave in and decided on a swirl of birds for my upper left arm.

There are several things that changed my mind about getting a major tattoo: 1.) Since so many things in life are frighteningly permanent, the permanence of a tattoo seems trivial, 2.) the body is ever changing, and it will eventually become something we don't even recognize, so what's so frigging sacred about the flesh? 3.) there will likely be many things I won't like about my body as I age that, again, worrying about not liking my tattoo seems trivial, and the most compelling argument of all, 5.) Eh, fuck it. You only live once. Also, my tattoo artist rocks the bird tattoo. I'm very, very excited.

I've even decided on a second, much more minor tattoo that I want next: The word "Contrary." I've been called this more times that I can count, and I figure maybe it's time to let strangers know what they're getting into with me.

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