Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mendo, braaaa.

This weekend, Derrick and I visited our marvelous friends Matt and Steve in gorgeous Mendocino County. We love them. We kind of want them to adopt us as our surrogate parents (our real parents are in Milwaukee and Des Moines) or at least as our really cool uncles. The picture above is the cabin on their property we helped them build and it's where we sleep when we visit. Anyway, we went on some punishing yet glorious bike rides through the countryside and, man, did it smell like reefer out there! After Labor Day, we returned to Oakland, and all this week Derrick has noticed that the drug dogs have been very busy in the FedEx warehouse. Some searches, however, don't require dogs. Apparently, it's not uncommon for people to actually write "marijuana" under "contents" on the FedEx mailing labels. Because it's medical marijuana, man!

Lo, it is the beginning of harvest season, and the cycle of birth and DEA incineration commences.

Here's Steve tending to some perfectly legal roses:

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Mom & Dad said...

Get this straight, baby: uncles, okay, parents, not okay. We will never surrender custody! Even though we can't grow roses worth a darn and our yard doesn't smell like weed and we are far, far away in the land of beer and cheese curds and Packers, the ties bind.