Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Braff Wars

So the other day I was talking about The Office with my co-worker, Young. I happened to mention I thought John Krasinski was cute. Which led Young to mention something about how he's on those big posters the hang in the windows at the Gap. Which led me to say "What? I walk by those every day and never noticed!" Which led him to IM me the picture. Which led me to say "I thought that was Zach Braff!" Which led him to yell "Jocelyn likes Zach Braff! Jocelyn likes Zach Braff!" Which I DON'T. In fact, I find him kinda gross. But too late. Young started doing things like this:

Then he moved on to defacing my work:

And defacing my husband:

So far, I've only managed to do this because I've been WORKING:

Also, it bears mentioning that last week he did this:

Update: To get Young back, I offered him one of his favorite foods (cranberry trail mix) marinated in Zicam (he's been taking Zicam mouth spray all week and complaining about the taste). Unfortch, the boy will eat anything. And he ate the entire bowl, even choking down the bits at the bottom that had the highest Zicam concentration. Really took the wind out of my sails.

Update #2: Young has a stomachache. Yesssss, it was worth it after all. Also, he shows no signs of a cold.


YZA said...

I'm going to have to give you kudos on the picture of me and Zach on the beach. It's quite romantic.

Next week: Jocelyn falls for James Blunt, overly sentimental singer/songwriter.

Rach said...

I must say, I find these pictures very disturbing. Joc, I share a similar dislike of Zac. I find him gross. I am not normally a petty person (right?), but I find looking at him really unpleasant.

wiscogrl said...

I think Zac Braff looks SO weird! and didn't he date Drew Barrymore? I would definitely date Drew over Zac, and Michael Cera over anyone! Superbad rocks!